The right person. At the right time.

ANDJARO is the substitute worker management solution that allows large private and public organizations to find personnel in a hurry. Unexpected absences, fluctuations in business level: Understaffing situations are inevitable and take up to 2 hours of the day-to-day life of managers and HR managers. To guarantee operational continuity, ANDJARO provides a real-time view of all the people available internally and externally, by skills and geolocation, to mobilize them. From describing an assignment to its administrative management, the replacement process is simplified, accelerated and digitized. With ANDJARO, it takes an average of 25 seconds for a manager to respond to a short-term need!
Since 2015, ANDJARO has been revolutionizing the HR/Tech ecosystem and is committed to sustaining the job market. Building on its growth and impact, ANDJARO was named a “Cool Vendor” in the Gartner 2021 Human Capital Management report, and a “Solid Performer” in the Fosway 9-Grid™ 2021 for Cloud HR.
ANDJARO fills 300,000 staffing needs each year, which represents more than €20 million in savings on the temporary and fixed-term contract budgets of its multi-industry clients.


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