In order to concretise its positioning as a human and socially responsible investor and to materialise its “value” of solidarity, SOFIOUEST sets up a system of value sharing for the benefit of associations or philanthropic works.


“SOFIOUEST is committed to supporting entrepreneurs whose projects have a positive social, societal or environmental impact. Helping to finance associations that share our humanist values by redistributing part of our value creation is the natural extension of this commitment.”

Patrice Hutin, Managing Director of SOFIOUEST.

Support the independence and freedom of the press


Acccompanying communities and territories by supporting employment and training,
especially audiences who are far from it


Supporting ‘Living Together‘ from the commune to the world


Preserve the environment and the climate


Our actions

CodePhenix trains prisoners in programming
to enable them to reintegrate into society

Entourage promotes links with isolated people
in precarious situations

Ouest-France Solidarité provides assistance
to people in difficulty
throughout the world
by financing humanitarian actions

Backed by the investment fund Arkéa Capital 2,
the PhiNOÉ endowment fund proposes finance
at the service of territories and employment