Women’s business recommendation network

After creating the women’s self-help platform “Femmes de Bretagne” in 2014, Marie Eloy launched Bouge ta Boite throughout France in 2016. The purpose of this women’s business network is to allow female entrepreneurs to talk about growth and financing without taboos, being their authentic selves and harnessing collective intelligence. The network works through circles of 25 women business leaders, from 25 different professions, who meet every 15 days to gain Leadership, Expertise and Sales. The network currently represents more than 1,800 women managers in 115 cities in France.
Then, in 2021, to meet the need to guide companies and accompany women who want to boost their careers, Bouge ta Boite, which has already accompanied more than 3,000 women company directors in France using a recognized and proven method, devised a training program designed for female executives, managers and aspiring managers: Bouge ton Groupe. This one-year training, certified QUALIOPI, uses the strength of the group to address limiting beliefs, reveal the full potential of the women present by having them develop their skills.


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