One of the only funds in France to be associated with an endowment fund

ARKÉA CAPITAL, a private equity subsidiary of the ARKÉA Group, offers entrepreneurs, family offices and institutional investors the opportunity to co-invest alongside it, via ARKÉA CAPITAL 2 (professional private equity fund), in unlisted French SMEs and midcaps from all sectors of activity. Beyond the investment vehicle, ARKÉA CAPITAL wishes to develop and animate, around ARKÉA CAPITAL 2, a genuine entrepreneurial ecosystem, within which investors and companies will be able to exchange and pool their expertise and resources for the benefit of regional development. ARKÉA CAPITAL 2 has the particularity of being coupled with an endowment fund serving territories and employment. Each subscription to the ARKÉA CAPITAL 2 fund thus adds to the newly created philanthropic structure PHINOE, up to 5% of the amounts subscribed. ARKÉA CAPITAL also retrocedes 30% of the management fees received to PHINOE.

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