One of the only funds in France to be associated with an endowment fund

In its capacity as Crédit Mutuel Arkéa Group’s private equity subsidiary, ARKÉA CAPITAL allows entrepreneurs, family offices and institutional investors to co-invest with it, via ARKÉA CAPITAL 2 (a professional private equity fund), in unlisted French SMEs and mid-caps in all business sectors.

In addition to the investment vehicle, ARKÉA CAPITAL seeks to develop and spearhead a genuine entrepreneurial ecosystem around ARKÉA CAPITAL 2, within which investors and companies can exchange and pool their expertise and resources for the benefit of regional development.

ARKÉA CAPITAL 2 is unique in that it is linked to an endowment fund dedicated to local development and employment. Each subscription to the ARKÉA CAPITAL 2 fund contributes 5% of the amount subscribed to the PHINOE philanthropic structure. ARKÉA CAPITAL also gives 30% of the management fees received back to PHINOE.

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